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Hypercentage is a member of Forsage Holdings – a company with numerous investments in tech startups and established businesses. The company is a leading European sales, management consulting, marketing and payment provider, for digital and voice products with over 150 staff located in 6 countries. Our content produces over 6 million billing transactions per month. Mobile interaction with consumers is our core business. We create, market and monetize our own content. Our marketing team also gets tech so we can deliver to you across the board from marketing advice to tech support, all wrapped around our cutting edge platform. Technological skills. But this is where most of our competition got it wrong: much like in sports, skills, and talent have stopped being enough. This is why we’ve recruited not only the best but also the ones that have this annoying habit of wanting to *remain* the best. And that doesn’t just happen. It takes dedication and a certain respect for the work, which in our experience is also a rare commodity. We have 24h/day account managers that are fully dedicated to your business. They get it. So here they are, our squad of young professionals with rare personality types. They make affiliate marketing so cool that they basically put the “hype” in Hypercentage.


    Are you eyeing awareness or performance? Either way, high quality traffic is our game. And we’ve perfected this game; it’s all as simple as ABC. We’re committed to seeing your business succeed. We’ll help you start a new campaign, choose the right pricing model, optimise your budget.


    A good manager is aware that his business is only as strong and creative as its employees. Here are a few, should you decide to come abroad: We’ll help you monetize traffic and increase profits. We’ll help you be among the first to get access to our cutting edge technologies developed by Romania’s top software engineers.

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    The Affiliate team is based in Romania, the 2nd most multilingual country in Europe, with an English fluency rate of over 80%. Romania is the 6th country in the world when we look at the number of certified IT specialists per capital. We passed Germany, UK and Canada.


    It’s easy to be in a good mood when you feel confident, isn’t it? We know all about it. It’a the same with businesses and the technology behind them. Our tech platform is based on a unique algorithm developed by our in-house team of engineers. It’s dependable, it’s cutting-edge and it’s exclusive to Hypercentage.

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We have built up our know-how, both geographically, firstly in emerging markets but now worldwide as well as in the dedicated offers we have created for advertisers. Bottom line is we can list all the business models you can think of, but the one question you should ask yourselves is this: “What exactly can HYPERCENTAGE do for its clients?” Our answer to this question has evolved over the last 15 years. From “here’s a list” to “quite a few things” to “a lot” to what it is today: “pretty much anything you can think of in terms of technology, digital marketing and innovative thinking”. We can help you reach audiences efficiently. The internet is a very noisy place. We can help you benefit as our own online technologies advance and improve. With our own in-house team of developers, we are helping to drive technological development, to best optimize your media plan and budget. We can help you optimize ongoing campaigns in real time. This is important. It’s not about what works online, it’s about what works for you online. We can help you measure the media campaigns. We can help you place ads in relevant contexts and have your say regarding the placement. We can help you take advantage of anti-fraud tools. Safety first! We can help you get access to reliable business partners. Even now, while you’re reading this, you are one email away from discovering one of them. Our 24h/day dedicated & immediate support for your business is available at any time for you to contact us for queries, advice, long-term planning or even the occasional cup of coffee if you’re ever around. There are a lot of ingredients that go into making a solid campaign. It takes research, money, testing, proper ownership of resources. If you’re unsure what works best for your scenario, don’t worry, you are not alone here. We’ll give you options and discuss the ones you like best. All you have to is give us some info and we’ll get back to you faster than you can say “guaranteed results given the media spend”. We offer all pricing models, to make sure your business gets exactly what it needs. Not just now, but long-term. CPA, CPC, Click2Call and Revenue share. You don’t have to make the decision alone, contact us.

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Efficiency and trust

You know how they say repeating a word over and over again eventually loses its meaning? Well not this one: “trust”. The more we say it, the better it shines. We have built a network based on trust, reputation and credibility. Friendliness, too. This has always meant that there are some things more important than profits for us: relationships. Regardless if you’re an individual aiming big or a company that’s already made it, you should know we are here for you. We’ll help you monetize traffic and increase profits, simple. Efficiency + ad sales is our favorite blend. We’ll help you strategize and take full advantage of our cutting edge tech. Our technology is developed by experienced in-house software engineers who work hand-in-glove with our marketing team to ensure the technologies we have developed are easy to use and help publishers with their KPIs . We’ll give you access to an attractive marketplace that’s crystal-clear in terms of offers and details such as pricing models, countries, devices, creative formats. We’ll help you optimize media campaigns and inventory. On a practical level, we have multiple payment options to suit you – Paypal as well as direct wire transfers. We understand how much publishers care about their content and how it’s used, so we have created our own offers to fit your needs. Having our own offers means you pay no commission, a rarity in the world of affiliate marketing. We offer all pricing models, to make sure your business gets exactly what it needs: CPA, CPC, Click2call and Revenue share. You don’t have to make the decision alone, contact us.


The team


We are always on the lookout for top talent who appreciate a reliable employer and an environment where they can grow. We pride ourselves with both past and current employees because they all share the desire for constant improvement. This is why we always make sure they have access to resources in order to keep up to date with the latest technologies.

We think constant training is just as important as coffee. Well, almost as important. So if you feel your technical skills, your marketing savviness or your all-around background is something you might want to add to our mix of great people, we’d love to hear from you. Tell us a few words about yourself, attach your CV and wait patiently by your inbox. You will hear back from us in a couple of days tops: 


We have opened a marketing job!

We are hiring an Account Executive for our Hypercentage affiliate marketing platform. In this marketing job, you'll be striving to promote our products through the digital channel. You'll do this approaching the publishers (we'll call them suppliers), understanding their offerings and overcoming their needs. When you'll have a full understanding of the core business, you'll offer the required guidance for all the suppliers. Your routine tasks are likely to include: Meeting suppliers over skype and discuss our advertising needs, the kind of traffic you are looking for Offering your support to the account managers in organizing the offers you planned together with the suppliers Presenting offers ideas and pricing to suppliers Negotiating with suppliers, solving any problems and making sure you provide an incredible fast support Checking and reporting on the offer's progress Skills: You might be lucky, but we don't require any experience. We do require: Ambition; Sales skills; Devotion; Good spoken and written communication skills; Strong presentation and negotiation skills; Confidence; tact and a persuasive manner; Good people skills; A willingness to work long hours; often under pressure; A professional manner; Good business sense and the ability to work with budgets and targets.

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